Biopsies, Tumors and Pathology

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One of the most stressful procedures patients come to our office for is a biopsy. They are usually not afraid of the procedure, but rather a potential underlying pathology. Our office is able to perform almost all biopsies on the same day as the consultation, and the specimen is read by a laboratory that specializes in oral tissue. Results are usually received in four days and are reported to the patient as soon as they are available to us. This allows our patients to rest easy knowing that the diagnosis is only a few days away. If more therapy is needed in the event of a tumor, etc., a team is already in place to treat our patients with speed, state-of-the-art medicine, respect, and concern.


Laser Excision of Tongue

biopsy 2

Leukoplakia, Precancerous Lesion of Tongue

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HPV of Tongue

photo 2

Post-op Removal of HPV of Tongue