Facial Trauma and Dental Emergencies

trauma1-2 trauma3-4before-after-trauma

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This comprises trauma to the bones, blood vessels, nerves and soft tissue of the face, eye socket, nose, upper and lower jaws, lips and teeth. While most of these unfortunate accidents occur randomly during activities such as bike riding or skateboarding, some are the result of assault, on the job accidents, or in high speed motor vehicle accidents. Patients are frequently transferred to our hospital from Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and upstate New York for immediate an emergency care. We have state of the art 3-D CT scan imagery to assist Dr. Hoschander in reconstructing the face and soft tissues in order to achieve the best functional and cosmetic result.  Nothing is as disconcerting for a patient as the loss of teeth, severe bleeding, swelling, or an acute abscess. Dr. Hoschander maintains two fully staffed offices to see patients either in the Manhattan or Queens locations. For severe emergencies requiring hospitalization or an operating room, Dr.Hoschander admits patients to New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital, where he is Site Director of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, as well as past President of the Medical Board, or to Beth Israel Medical Center in the Midtown area.

trauma 3

Zygomatico Maxillary Complex Fractures (ZMC)


Mandible (Lower Jaw) Fracture


Surgical Approach to Orbital Fracture


Reconstruction Plate in Position

Broken Jaw

An Example of A Broken Jaw

3D CT Scan

3D CT Scan Of The Patient With The Broken Jaw

Radiograph showing plates reducing the fracture

Radiograph showing plates reducing the fracture