Impacted Wisdom Teeth and Extractions

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Among the most common surgeries performed by oral and maxillofacial surgeons is the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. This can be performed painlessly and relatively simply on an out-patent basis in both of our facilities. The patient usually experiences nothing more than minor post operative discomfort and minimal, if any, swelling. Our office has performed more than 10,000 extractions of impacted third molars.In the rare event that a post operative complication does occur, we have a 24 hour answering service which will contact the doctor immediately.

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No one looks forward to losing a tooth or several teeth. Unfortunately, extractions can be unavoidable, urgent, or even emergent. The process need not be painful. We have state of the art equipment and techniques to make even the seemingly most stressful situation into a calming, therapeutic event. Extractions can and usually are performed on the same day as the consultation, and antibiotic prophylaxis can be administered in the office, at no cost to the patient if necessary. Our fees vary according to the degree of difficulty of the extraction, but are usually in line with most major insurance company reimbursements to avoid significant out of pocket expense to the patient.

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